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Hair extensions

The good, the bad, and the fugly.

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Longer, fuller hair, anyone?
Blow drying and straightening your hair every day hasn't helped your hair get any healthier, am I right?  And your hair isn't multiplying - those are split ends.  So once you've gotten a haircut or two, tryed a hydrating hair mask, and since then given up on natural methods, you probably are wondering about extensions.

Here's the good:

The process itself isn't painful

You can choose whether they are braided in, glued in, or just clipped in if it is for special events

You can give yourself highlights, lowlights, or any lights in-between if you wish

There is a newer method invented for making the process easier on your hair called Thermo Plastique that doesn't have the damaging after-effects that other methods can have

If applied properly, extensions can last up to four months

Here's the bad:

Using either a cheap stylist or cheap extensions and your fake length & volume will be sniffed out a mile away by anyone who isn't under the influence of drugs or strong medication

Some methods can be very damaging to your hair, especially gluing them in

Having the same weight of hair all throughout the hair may look fake

Some types of hair do not work well for extensions

you have to take special care of your new hair, including using a special brush, gentle shampoo, and taking extra care not to tangle your hair

Your hair grows - fake hair doesn't, so be wary of clashing lengths after you have had your extensions in for a while

If applied improperly, they can fall out and have to be replaced in only weeks

It applies pressure to your scalp, and has the possibility of ripping your hair from your scalp (ow!!)

In the end, make sure that you do your own research.  Talk to friends, search online.  Don't just trust the first stylist who says that they can "make you look gorgeous for real cheap!!".  Your hair is a very fragile and important accessory to your looks, so put in some time making sure that everything matches up!

Hair extensions can look flawless and natural if done right, but if you have the patience to wait and grow your hair out, it will not only be healthier and save you from potential head/hair health problems, but it will be YOUR own hair!

I personally have never tried extensions and probably never will, but it's something that I hear about often and wanted to know more about. 
~The Corner Girl

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